Pin Grading

Enamel pins are handmade one by one, so there may be cosmetic imperfections due to buffing or simple human errors. Grading is subjective and will vary from maker to maker. Pins are individually inspected by batch and categorized based on the grading scale below to help guide your shopping experience.

Standard GradesThese are the best pins of the batch. They have minor to no flaws. These minor cosmetic imperfections are usually only visible upon close inspection or at a specific angle under light. (Ex: faint scratches, tiny bubbles/scuffs, minor uneven or underfilled enamel, or speck of dust/glitter).

B-GradesThe B grades have minor cosmetic imperfections that are not prominent at first glance. These minor cosmetic imperfections are slightly more noticeable than standard grades. (Ex: noticeable scratches, minor underfilled or overfilled enamel, a few bubbles/dents/scuffs, and/or minor metal imperfections)

C-GradesThese have noticeable cosmetic imperfections at first glance. (Ex: clear underfilled and/or overfilled enamel, missing enamel, chip(s) or dent(s) in the metal, prominent scratches/scuffs, leaked enamel, loose post(s))

Seconds:These have the most visible cosmetic imperfections. They are great for everyday wear. This grade is sold at a deep discount.