Young Forever Scarf
Young Forever Scarf
Young Forever Scarf
Young Forever Scarf

Young Forever Scarf

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The beautiful balloon print brings this album alive into a vibrant, silk chiffon scarf.

A Grade - $25

B Grade - $23

C Grade - $21


  • Size: 60 x 60 cm
  • Silk Chiffon
  • Dry Clean Only


Scarf Grading: Scarves are handmade one by one, so there may be slight cosmetic imperfections. As a disclaimer, no scarf will ever be 100% perfect. Scarves are individually inspected by batch and categorized based on the grading scale below to help guide your shopping experience.

Standard Grades: These are the best scarves of the batch. They have minor to no flaws.

B-Grades: The B grades have minor cosmetic imperfections that are not prominent at first glance. These minor cosmetic imperfections are slightly more noticeable than standard grades. (Ex: very minor ink dot and/or thin extra print line(s))

C-Grades: The C grades have the most imperfections but cannot be seen when worn or tied into a bow.