Eat Jin Enamel Pin
Eat Jin Enamel Pin

Eat Jin Enamel Pin

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A Grade - $10

B Grade - $9

C Grade - $8


  • Size: 1.75 inches tall
  • Hard Enamel
  • Gold Plating
  • 2 Rubber Backings


Pin Grading: Enamel pins are handmade one by one, so there may be cosmetic imperfections due to maker. As a disclaimer, no pin will ever be 100% perfect. Pins are individually inspected by batch and categorized based on the grading scale below to help guide your shopping experience.

A-Grades: These are the best pins of the batch. They have minor to no flaws. These minor cosmetic imperfections are usually only visible upon close inspection or at a specific angle under light. (Ex: faint scratches, tiny bubbles/scuffs, minor uneven or underfilled enamel, or speck of dust/glitter).

B-Grades: The B grades have minor cosmetic imperfections that are not prominent at first glance. These minor cosmetic imperfections are slightly more noticeable than standard grades. (Ex: noticeable scratches, minor underfilled or overfilled enamel, a few bubbles/dents/scuffs, minor stray glitter, and/or minor metal imperfections)

C-Grades: These have noticeable cosmetic imperfections at first glance. (Ex: clear underfilled and/or overfilled enamel, missing enamel, chip(s) or dent(s) in the metal, prominent scratches/scuffs, more stray glitter, leaked enamel, loose post(s))